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Welcome to Betta Foods!

Welcome to Betta Foods!

For over fifteen years we have been supplying high quality natural foods to satisfied customers all around the world. Our line of products includes:

  • - Dried Fruits
  • - Nuts
  • - Grains
  • - Cereals
  • - And more

Our products are also available in Wholesale and Bulk quantities. Please contact us for more information.



Top sellers

  • Soyabeaf Chunks
Soyabeaf® Chunks


Imitation Beef flavored chunks 16 oz

Small beef flavored chunks, about 1/4 inch...

Soyabeaf® Natural 16 oz

Unflavored Chunks, about 1/2" across, flat...

Imitation Chicken Flavored Chunks

Small  light colored flavored chunks....

Imitation Taco Flavored Bits

Small taco flavored granules. Crispy....

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